Google Fit

Fit automatically detects your activity to make your every effort count.

Data comprehension

Too much unorganized data creates more noise. Having a visual language for numbers and percentages brings an emotion element to the product and grounds abstract numbers together without overwhelming.

Through speed and surface area, you can start to feel how far away you are from your goal, or how close you are to the goal. 0% should feel empty, and 100% should feel complete.

Actionable Data & putting in work

I might suck balls at reaching my goal everyday. That number might seem immoveable and consequently non-motivational. We have an opportunity to make putting in work fun and responsive yet nformative and encouraging.

Positive Reinforcement

By staging and organizing the data we can increase comprehension. A majority of your data is collected without you realizing it and when you're unable to consume it. When you enter the app, we help the user understand how your data has changed since the last visit and how it influences your goal.

Thinking about fitness sucks, I don't want someone yelling at me, I don't want to think about the pain i just went through. If i reach my goal, I want someone to congratulate me. I want to cross a finish line and keep that ritual close to me.