Material Design

Together, we wanted to do something to make design stronger, faster, and more complete. Sooner or later design at Google was going to mature. We as a design team needed to start taking our design system seriously; we weren't playing around with Android anymore, we weren't beta testing our services anymore. With hundreds of designers and hundreds of products, we sought out to unify our disparate design efforts and get behind one single vision. Only then would we be able to build something great.



We try to maintain volume of ink if condensed by animating thickness. Ink also dries by animating luminosity and allowing a shape to resolve gracefully.





Spinning Loaders

Loading sucks and let's make it fun. Make it feel continuous and never ending, never losing momentum.

But also keep in mind we use these way too much. Opening an app, showing a splash screen, then showing a loader, then showing content flying in is way too much. We should keep loading transitions at a minimum and as light weight as possible and inline.

if > 100ms pass
animate in content without ever seeing a spinner

if > 500ms pass
animate spinner and spin it for minimum 300ms, then animate in content

else    show content with no animation

Pull to Refresh Bar

Determinate Progress

Indeterminate Progress